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DNS Configuration: Google Domains and Jekyll @

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The setup and configuration process for a Domain managed by Google Domains running a Jekyll Blog hosted on GitHub Pages.

Step 1 – Fork and update a GitHub repo.

  • I forked this quickstart Jekyll now repo, by Barry Clark.
  • Inside your fork, rename the repo using the following format {githubusername}
  • In the settings section of the repo, goto the GitHub Pages section and point it to your naked domain, IE: – without the www. canonical name alias.
  • Update the CNAME file in the root directory, as follows:

That is all it takes to configure your blog in GitHub. Now you will need to configure the domain itself.

Step 2 – Configure the DNS records for your domain.

Login to Google Domains and navigate to the DNS configuration section of the domain you wish to configure.

  • Custom resource records:
Name Type Time To Live Data
@ A 1H
www CNAME 1H {githubusername}

That’s all… but be warned that it may take a bit to propagate the records across the globe ( up to a day ), but generally this happens in less than 5 minutes for most locations.

You can visual the propagation using various online tools while you wait.

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