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About me

I am a product of the internet generation, though just barely. I first got the internet as a kid when I was ~10 using a blazing fast 14.4 kbits modem and developed my first application when I was ~14 using Visual Basic 6. While much has matured over the years, my passion remains the same. I love to develop and build things.

Since then I have earned a Bachelors degree with an emphasis in Information Technology Management. I did so while I serving eight years in the Army, most of which as Active Duty. However, once I earned my degree, I got out of the Army and transitioned into the IT industry as a technical consultant and I haven’t looked back since! I started out building custom solutions as part of a services team and worked my way up, to a core solution design and management role where I am now.

However, since we can’t be all business all the time, I also love getting to spend free time with my wife (also in the technology field) and daughter, along with the occasional woodworking project to supplement my need to build things (since not all things can be built with code and software alone).