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Author: T. Payne

I am a lifelong tinkerer. As a child, I always wanted to know how things worked and how they worked together. As an adult, I am a professional software designer. I work with a great company M-Files, where I get to convert caffiene into code on the daily.

I also spend my free time tinkering with side projects and various other tech projects. Check out some of the blog posts as will I try to document many of them, so others too can benefit from my findings / notes.
Top interest as of late

- Node.js - Because it simplifies development.
- HTML / CSS - Because it is how the web is rendered.
- JSON, because it is > XML.
- JavaScript, because im a ninja.
- Ruby, because it is beautiful.
- .NET, because its my day job.
- Wood-working, because not all things can by built with code alone!